CH: Why Obama Should & Will Win

Don’t misunderstand me: Barack Obama is wrong on Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, health care, corporate tax rates, investment taxes, education flexibility, abortion regulation, immigration policy, meeting with dictators, social security, energy, trade, and believing that subprime lending was a good idea.

He has opportunistically changed or regularly misstated his positions on public financing, gun control, born alive infant protection, wire tapping, timetable for Iraq, elimination of the Bush tax cuts, the DC gun ban, an undivided Israel, the Cuba embargo, NAFTA, participation in town halls with McCain, oil drilling, and support of nuclear power.

He has no major legislative accomplishments as either a State senator or United States Senator, and has never demonstrated an ability to work with members of the other party, despite his claim that’s what he’ll do.

That being said; Barack Obama will win this election. And probably deserves to.

“Fight with me, fight with me,” McCain passionately demanded at his Republican Convention, which led to a significant bounce in the polls and a type of excitement and momentum Republicans never thought they could see after 8 years of Bush.

We’d be happy to fight for you, Senator. But you have to fight for yourself first.

Here we are, one month prior to the election, and the only one taking the gloves off is Sarah Palin. She can’t do this on her own. She shouldn’t have to.

McCain let endless opportunities for a knockout punch fly by during Tuesday night’s debate without even looking like he knew the opportunity existed.

We all know John McCain isn’t much of a communicator (just like many of us know Barack Obama isn’t much of a leader), but if you can’t at least make an effort to stand up and fight for yourself and your ideas in the midst of a campaign… can you really be President of the United States?

Senator McCain, your health care plan is far superior to Barack Obama’s. Learn to articulate it. Barack Obama claims he’s giving 95% of Americans a tax cut, when only 70% of Americans pay federal income tax. Call him on it. Barack Obama deceptively tries to make it look like you’re giving a targeted tax cut to oil companies. Clarify. He discusses Rwanda and Darfur when expressing circumstances where military action would have been worth it… as if he has no idea what was going on in Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Remind him.

Americans are fed up with Republicans, Senator McCain, and they’re not giving you the benefit of the doubt. If you can’t stand up and articulate your differences from the Bush Administration (which are significant) due to your fear of alienating the conservative base… then you don’t deserve to win. Fight, Senator McCain, fight!

The status quo is not on the ballot, as Barack Obama would have people believe. Both men will be different than the last 8 years. And while Obama hasn’t proposed anything that we haven’t already seen from Clinton, Carter, or some other Democratic leader over the history of our nation, he has the amazing ability of packaging old ideas as “change”… and he deserves credit for that. You could have invested in inspiring ways to present your ideas, Senator McCain, but you have chosen time and time again to play it safe.

To my friends who support Barack Obama; you’re not going to convince me to change my vote because there isn’t a single major issue I agree with your candidate on. But I must say this… we have seen 8 years of a President who seems to think that there’s no value in trying to articulate a vision to the country, and no need to fight back against what is often an unfair barrage of attacks by Republicans, Democrats, and the media. If a President of the United States becomes a punching bag, he or she is no longer effective. President Bush had a 90% approval rating during 9/11 and stayed above 50% for much of his first term, but then quickly slipped to numbers almost as low as the current Democratic Congress after deciding that he was above having to communicate to and WITH the people.

You work FOR the people, Mr. President. Act like it. John McCain has allowed himself to become a punching bag. You work for your supporters, Senator. Respect that and fight!

John McCain is a wise, tested leader. But hardly anyone sees that because he’s too busy making bad jokes and talking about the DNA of a bear. Barack Obama is an arrogant, untested Senator with socialist ideas and a hunger for government domination. But no one sees that because he’s too busy not talking about his record or his plans.

Who wins in that battle? Barack Obama. It’s 2008. We’re connected, busy people who make our decisions based on text messages, sound bites, SNL, and YouTube videos. You needed to play that game, Mr. McCain, and you didn’t. You trusted that the American people would examine your record. They didn’t have time.

Now, to be fair, you were never supposed to get this far, Senator. The atmosphere was too Anti-Republican for you to even stand a chance. But you overcame those astronomical odds and showed the power of conservative ideals. You needed that little extra bit of fight to put you over the top, Mr. McCain, and at some point along the line… you decided that Americans didn’t want to see anger or passion. Wrong. That’s exactly what we wanted to see.

The fact of the matter is, it has been widely reported that the majority of American’s politics are more closely aligned to John McCain (center right) than Barack Obama (far left), and the inability to communicate that stark difference and to relate with the people who share those ideals… is a failure that SHOULD cost an election.

So, unless something changes SOON…

See ya in 2012.


One Response to “CH: Why Obama Should & Will Win”

  1. Jim Sakla Says:

    McCain has the right idea and specific plan about many things but he doesn’t know how to present them. Sometimes I feel that his atitude is “If it happens is fine but if it doesn’t no big deal”.
    McCain needs to learn to speak louder, with authority and look at the camera, not the audience, to make eye contact with the TV viewers.


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