Democrats Aim For Super Majority

Democrats Aim for Super Majority: ABC News

The ULTIMATE reason we must be out there fighting for McCain/Palin? The potential for an unchallenged Democratic majority. Which is very, very real.

Check out this article from ABC News detailing the state of the race. Things are tough out there for any Republican, and to reach 60 seats in the Senate would require everything that could go wrong to actually go wrong for the Republicans, but it is still an unfortunate possibility.

We simply cannot let this happen.

Three weeks is an eternity in the world of politics, and since most of the electorate has the attention span of a fruitfly, a series of positive news cycles can turn things around for McCain. Yesterday’s stock market rally was a good first step, and McCain’s new economic proposals will be rolled out today as well.

Here’s hoping for some kind of miracle.

You had me at hero, John.


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