“I’ve lost faith in ‘The Messiah'”

How Edward Heathcoat Amory lost his Obama-mania.”

Awesome article from UK’s Daily Mail, and while he is still supporting Barack Obama… one can only hope this down-to-earth, less-than-Messianic analysis of ‘The One’ can be brought to light. A lot of the information in this article was new to me, and frankly, made me feel a little sick.  EXCERPT:

“If you want to run for a U.S. state senate seat, you need the backing – ie, the signatures – of a minimum of 757 ordinary electors within your district.

Obama employed a special consultant, Ronald Davis, to look at each of the 1,600 signatures that the sitting senator, Alice Palmer, a member of his own party, had gathered. And Mr Davis found problems with so many that Palmer was dropped from the ballot, and for good measure he managed to have the other three candidates ditched as well.

According to a local newspaper, problems included ‘printing registered voters name [sic] instead of writing, a female voter got married after she registered to vote and signed her maiden name’.

It was a legal electoral tactic, but a little odd from the man who had run ‘Project Vote’ – a campaign to persuade the disenfranchised to vote for the first time. Yet here was Obama disenfranchising those same voters in another way, using the toughest of political tactics to deny them a choice at the election.

Asked about it later, he said: ‘If you can win, you should win, and get to work doing the people’s business.'”

Amazing huh? I simply will not accept the argument that Barack Obama’s character and judgement should go unchallenged, because politicians have proven time and time again they cannot not be afforded the benefit of the doubt regarding their “inherent decency.”

Prove yourself decent. Then you’ll fall under my consideration.

‘The One’? No way.


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