A Note To Overconfident Obama Supporters & Devastated McCain Supporters

Obamamaniacs – Quit blowing the kazoos and ordering your inauguration party cakes. There’s an actual chance you’re gonna look really, really stupid.

McCainiacs – Quick flipping out and acting like bad poll numbers equal the end of John McCain. You’re looking really demoralized, which is exactly where the media wants you to be. Have you forgotten history?

Today’s poll releases:

GALLUP: Obama +3 (traditional model),  Obama +8 (expanded model w/ more young & first time voters)


ZOGBY: Obama +4

HOTLINE: Obama +8


Barack Obama has held this sort of lead before. On August 29th, the CBS poll had Obama +8. On September 5th, it was McCain +2. Turnaround much? On August 30th, Gallup had Obama +8. On September 7th, McCain +5. Again, turnaround much???

Of course, plenty hinges on McCain’s performance at the debate tonight. If he can successfully convince voters that a bigger government is NOT the solution to the economic crisis and that Barack Obama will raise taxes on businesses, effectively killing jobs, and making our current bad economic times look like a trip to Disneyland, McCain can change the trajectory of the race. If he can demonstrate an understanding of economic issues that surpasses the electorate’s expectations (and perhaps for once fully articulate his own plans for recovery), there is a chance for another swing back. If he can convince voters that Barack Obama has no actual economic qualifications whatsoever, even though the media has anointed him as the economic savior of our time, McCain has a chance for a bounce. If he can successfully demonstrate to voters that he is NOT George Bush, that Barack Obama has a record of higher taxes, broken promises, support of infantacide, and a skewed version of America that paints us as the problem instead of the solution, then perhaps McCain can close the gap.

Ultimately, Maverick has to pull off something really special tonight. I don’t doubt that he has it in him, it’s just a matter of if he’s willing to step up to the plate, state a vision of his own, explain why Barack Obama’s plan is nothing more than just words, and quit believing this thing is over. That type of performance might warrant a second look by the people. Be yourself, John. That’s all we’re asking for.


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