McCain Leads by 8% Among 18-24 Age Group – IBD/TIPP

The IBD/TIPP poll is known for its absurd accuracy in the 2004 Presidential Race. Take a look at some of the interesting aspects of the poll released today which covers October 11-15 (this on the heels of the new Gallup, Zogby, and Rasmussen polls showing a tightening race).

Barack Obama leads John McCain by only three points (45% to 42%), with 13% still remaining undecided. (If after EVERYTHING that has happened, including the economic crisis and the media’s incessant pounding of John McCain, these people are still undecided – do you really think they’re gonna choose Barack Obama??)

I found it particularly interesting the John McCain is leading Barack Obama among the 18-24 age group by 8 percent, with 8 percent still remaining undecided. Wasn’t that supposed to be Senator Obama’s strong suit?

Obama still holds a significant lead with woman voters and the less educated, but is tied at 37% with Independent voters, with 26% still uncommitted.

Don’t buy the lie that this is over.

We’re just getting started.


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