Poll Watch 10-16-08

Rasmussen – Obama +4 (50/46)

Zogby – Obama +5 (49/44)

Hotline – Obama +8 (49/41)

Gallup – Obama +2 (traditional – 49/47) Obama +6 (expanded model with more young and 1st time voters – 51/45)

Battleground – Obama +6 (50/44)

Yeah, I know that Obama is ahead. But this idea that somehow the race is over when all of these are either within the margin of error or close to it is a FALSE MEDIA DRIVEN NARRATIVE INTENDED TO DEMORALIZE YOU!!!

Don’t buy it, folks. This thing is NOT over!


2 Responses to “Poll Watch 10-16-08”

  1. I am SO glad to see this!! I actually wanted to cry this morning because the media was so hurtful….

    Liberalist media agendas are being sought after, and McCain CAN pull this out. I just hate living in a red county/blue state….

  2. Does everybody remember how Hillary was predicted to lose in many races- and then she would win big? And it was always such a shock? How could that happen?? Manipuation!! Thanks Chris for the reminders.

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